IBL Software Engineering

Weather Service Provider @ SWIM Master Class 2014

IBL Software Engineering is working for nearly 40 years in the field of software development for meteorological service providers. IBL's Visual Weather is the flagship software for weather data processing, and most importantly it is already used by number of weather services and ATM operators within Europe. As one of its most important features, it has built-in OpenGIS services for on-line integration of weather data into other systems, including aviation industry applications.

For this SWIM Master Class 2014 IBL provides Visual Weather web services with live data, including the first implementation of WCS 2.0.0 MetOcean Extension and WMS 1.3.0 MetOcean Best Practice. Using these, a real-time queries can be made for current and forecasted weather situation as graphical maps, or as gridded information hypercube.


IBL works jointly with Austro Control on data provisioning for this SWIM Master Class 2014. Real-time and forecast data will be provided by Austro Control from the Vienna International Airport (LOWW) and published using set of OpenGIS protocols by Visual Weather.




More information

You are more than welcome to use our services, and we would be happy to hear feedback or about any issues you may have. If there are any additional questions, suggestions, request for more (non public) data, please email us at swim@iblsoft.com or call +421-2-32662156 (Jozef Matula).

Quick information about service you can also find in IBL’s SWIM Master Class kickoff leaflet.


Quick “cookbooks”

How to  consume web services as jumpstart, please visit following links and also related documentation extracted from IBL’s manuals:

Reference documentation

IBL uses OpenGIS Consortium standards to provide weather data. These reference standards are maintained and published by OGC at following locations: